Your next shopping experience starts with a phone.

Imagine a world where all your favourite goods are cheaper just because you buy them. ViaPhone brings this fantasy to life.

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VIAPHONE for clients

Profitability re-imagined

ViaPhone is the only way for you to buy goods at the honest prices. And it’s not thanks to discounts or any of promos. Thanks to ViaPhone, shops and manufacturers around the world know exactly what goods you prefer. And they use this knowledge to provide you with the best prices for the good you like or might like. With ViaPhone it is profitable to be loyal consumer!
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Online & offline purchases ViaPhone is a universal tool for faster more convenient shopping.
Instagram purchases Post selfies and buy stuff all within your favourite app.
Deferred payment Buy now, pay later with ViaPhone’s unique feature.
High-priority security for
personal data
Your personal data stays personal. We make sure of that.
Intellectual pricing system The more you buy, the less you pay – that’s how we roll.
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VIAPHONE for Off-line shops

Are you interested in ViaPhone for Off-line shops?

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Are you interested in ViaPhone for Off-line shops?