Get to know your customers
all over again.

ViaPhone lets you in on a whole new array of customer data and metrics, which can be used to further strengthen your retail game and help you better understand your customer's needs.

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VIAPHONE for Off-line shops

Learn the consumer’s preferences

Due to intellectual system of data collection & processing, VIAPHONE opens truly wide opportunities for work with with end-consumer. When you know exactly - who, where and how often buys your goods - you can promote special price offerls to every individual consumer. Moreover, widening the consumer goods basket, you are capable to boost profitable cross proposals, enhancing interest to your brand . Add also extensive database of the off-line/on-line shops, and you obtain powerful functional instrument of the sales control and promotion,, having no analogs in the world
Quality consumer Big Database ViaPhone gives you access to a data that none other payment system have. The kind of data that is crucial for business development.
Joint payments Give your customers the ability to split their bills - whether it's a hotel reservation or a meal. Why not - it's 21st century.
Intellectual recommendatory module ViaPhone's certified native-ad tool. Making your goods more desirable without getting your customers annoyed.
Dynamic pricing models LTurn your frequent buyers into loyal customers by providing a lasting beneficial prices for the goods they buy more often.
High-precision cross-offer targeting Try switching your competitor's customers one deal at a time. Direct you competitive product offers with a pinpoint accuracy. Fast and easy.
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