Make their phones pay.

ViaPhone explores new ways of payments maintaining the level of user-friendliness and convenience you’d expect of a modern payment system.

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VIAPHONE for Online shops

Merchant & User Friendly

«One percent is not enough for happiness», and VIAPHONE, entering high-density market of online micro-payments understands it to full extent. That is why the VIAPHONE chosen main purpose is improvement of interaction processes between its users, making eachtransaction maximally convenient rather than only profitable. Unique functional is added to good service. Unique database of consumers for both online and offline shops will help you to find, with ease, your loyal buyer in any point of your city or your country and toboost your unique proposal. Due to the VIAPHONE intellectual advisory system, your cross offers will be the most accurate and attractive, whereas opportunity for credit buying makes shopping more and more accessible. In other words, VIAPHONE has what can be proposed to your business.
Quality consumer Big Data ViaPhone gives you access to a data that none other payment system have. The kind of data that is crucial for business development.
Additional security of online transactions Getting money safe from customer to you - is our specialty. We've designed an intricate security system to make sure everything's safe. Because nobody likes fraud.
High-priority security for personal data We believe that your data is more precious than money, that is why we work hard to make sure your personal data stays personal.
Intellectual recommendatory module ViaPhone's certified native-ad tool. Making your goods more desirable without getting your customers annoyed.
Deferred payment Give your customers the ability to split their bills - whether it's a hotel reservation or a meal. Why not - it's 21st century.
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